About us
Careero is a non-governmental nonprofit career/labor guidance organization dedicated to open doors for unprivileged youth and women their next job, through experiential hands and guidance.

We have a lot of experience working with youth in need of jobs we have created CV formats and trainings that have helped many people get into the first interviews.

We are professionals with years of experience on the job trainings and emotional intelligence; we have both worked on the project privately and through other local organizations. We have learned that many fresh graduate and drop outs are in need of capacity building and orientation because they lack experience. We have had flows of youth seeking our help and have engaged many in trainings and mock interviews. Our work have mainly been in the Bekaa region where many feel either hopeless or seek politician offices with often no use. We believe we can make an impact and a change.

"Careero helped me with my first job application for local NGO job. I was helped and guided through the application, job interview and was provided with needed tools"
Mirna Dawish, 26 years

"I was searching for a job as teacher after my graduation, however I wasn't lucky to get through due to lack of experience. I contacted Careero and they helped to get into an apprenticeship for four months at Oxfam. I was was then able to get my first full time job after at a local school after that experience."
Sarya Hemdanieh, 24 years

The projects
The theory of change of Careero visions falls under the fact that youth and women are a constantly under-pressed by the "hire power" and the dominant men community which limited their access to the job market and specifically the public administration.

Girls and women in rural communities strive to become achievers through acquiring a given opportunity. Therefore we as Careero value and aim to motivate girls and women into their dreams jobs through proper training and knowledge, hoping to inspire to break all acts of nepotism and favoritism in the country. We believe the discard of the “Hire power” and focusing more on capacity building mainly emotional intelligence and specialized trainings instead of random ones. Careero has since 2013 promoted women into decision making in the local municipality sector, our aim is to promote and identify more political ambitious women and to create a platform for them that will gradually integrate them into their new influential political roles within an administrative political sector.

Entrepreneurship: Young Chemist
The goal of the project is to immerse Syrian, Palestinian-Syrian, Palestinian-Lebanese refugees and the host community in entrepreneurship courses, in order to allow them an opportunity to invest in their economic potential and to empower them with the basic skills necessary for them to run successful small businesses, that Careero will support into the international market.

The young Syrian, Palestinian-Syrian, Palestinian-Lebanese refugees and the host community will have an access to credit so that they can generate their own businesses and access to an independent source of income thus reducing their vulnerability and poverty, while simultaneously promoting their independence and enhancing their decision-making power.

Initiating an entrepreneur project ‘ Young Chemist’ that will be lead by biotechnical professional who will train the candidates into making their first skin care formulation. The program will be an overall business training program where the youth will learn who to develop a business plan proposal for their skin care line, and learn to how promote it into the market.